10 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Painter

questions to ask your contractor1. Did they leave a copy of their insurance with you and did you call to verify that it’s valid?

2. Do they have a written two year warranty that covers against peeling, flaking, and chipping? Will they be in business next year to back it up?

3. How much of a deposit up front or payment before the job is completed?

4. Have they provided you a written proposal instead of an estimate?

  • Does it outline what surface prep will be provided?
  • Are all areas to be painted outlines clearly?

5. Were they able to provide you references with customer comments?

6. Have you seen their work?

7. Will they call you after the paint has dried?

8. Are they a nationally recognized company that has been on shows like Home Again with Bob Vila, or the Rachel Ray show?

9. Is the price too good to be true?

10. Do you feel confident that they will deliver what they promise?