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There really is just nothing better than a snow day, especially if you’re in school. All the kids in Louisville are living it up. So since you get to stay home all day with them, make it count! Here are some fun snow day ideas for today and the winter storms to come:

Go Sledding at Dog Hill

One of the coolest things in Louisville, it doesn’t cost a penny, and everyone is there. Make your way to Cherokee Park and go sledding with the rest of the city.

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Make a Winter Stew

There is nothing like hot soup, stew, or chili on a cold day. Check out some hearty stew recipes here.

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Break out the Hot Cocoa

I don’t really need an excuse to drink hot chocolate but having it on a snow day is the best. Spice it up with cinnamon, a dash of chili pepper, and a marshmallow snowman.

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Paint in the Snow

Grab some squeeze bottles, mix water and food coloring, and have fun painting masterpieces in the snow!

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Snowball Fight!!!

This just has to happen. Get bundled up, build your snow fort, and let the games begin.

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Read a Book by the Fire

This is great at the end of a rigorous snowball fight, with that hot cocoa. Pick a book, and pass it around letting everyone read a page or two. Don’t forget to do the voices!

painters of Southern Indiana

Build a Snow Family

Get the whole crew together and let everyone build a snowman of themselves. Who can get the most creative?

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