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Louisville, KY is home to some of the most beautiful architectural design in the nation. From St. James Court to the heart and soul of Old Louisville, the city is laden with buildings that will catch your eye and make your jaw drop. These wonderful palaces seem to have grown out of thin air, and yet it begs the question, how and why were these buildings created in such a way?

house painting St. James Court


On the site of the former Southern Exposition of 1883-1887, St. James and Belgravia Courts are among the most recognized landmarks of Louisville. The Exposition was considered the World’s Fair at the time, with the switch to light the Exposition being thrown by none other than Thomas Edison himself. At the end of the Exposition in 1887, the expo buildings were taken down and St. James, Belgravia and Fountain Courts were erected. Today, they make one of the most spectacular and most recognizable parts of the city.

The Levy Building on the corner of Third and Market St. is yet another example of the architectural amazement Louisville has to offer. Built in the early 1900’s and modeled after Richardsonian Romanesque, this reddish-yellow brick establishment hosts red terra-cotta details that articulate the arches, windows and tower. Since 1984 the first floor and mezzanine have been home to one of the finest eateries in town, the Old Spaghetti Factory.

commercial painting in Southern IndianaCredit

The Louisville Science Center, located in Louisville, Kentucky‘s “Museum Row” in the West Main District of downtown, is Kentucky’s largest hand-on science museum. Originally built in 1878 as a dry goods warehouse, it became the Louisville Science Center in 1977. The building is quite unique, having been built with limestone. The rustic cast-iron finish gives it a glow that radiates with the history that is clearly encased within its walls.

painters in NULUCredit

Many more areas of Old Louisville showcase this remarkable form of architectural beauty. Buildings showing forms of Italian and Renaissance Revival architecture line the streets, boasting their incredible size and structure. There is certainly something to see on every corner; so the next time you happen to be walking through Old Louisville, take a moment and pause to examine the true beauty that is our great city.