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painters in NULUYou’re standing in line at the local Starbucks. After ordering your tall iced, half-caf, non-fat peppermint mocha sans whip. You turn and notice, to your dismay, three people in line behind you wearing the exact same shirt you’re wearing. As you walk out the door, you also notice the guy walking in has on your shoes. When did it become so hard to avoid looking like everyone else?!

In a world where mass production reigns supreme, this is just one circumstance that everyone has encountered dozens of times. The solution? Cities around the nation are encouraging people to “buy local”. One such city has managed to make a trend of it, that city being none other than Louisville, KY. With areas like the Highlands and its infamous Bardstown Rd, local business owners have banned together to “fight the system.” Bearing a slogan, “Keep Louisville Weird”, locally owned shops across the area are educating consumers on the benefits of buying local.

According to KeepLouisvilleWeird.com, these local, one of a kind businesses are vital to the uniqueness of the Louisville Metro Community. Buying local helps eliminate the infiltration of corporate chains and the humdrum of the same old recycled fashions and art, among other things. Local businesses also tend to give more back to the community. Check out this staggering statistic: for every $100 spent at a chain, $15 remains in the community, while $45 remains when spent within a local businesses.

painters in downtown Louisville


Still not sold? Consider this. When a fewer number of larger stores dominate a community, it is the national chains that choose what reaches customers, and options dwindle. A larger variety of independent retailers create great diversity of products available to shoppers, thus giving you more to choose from. Also, buying from local business helps maintain the environment. Less fuel, energy and resources are used to transport and package products. And what’s good for the environment is good for everyone, right??

So the next time you venture out with a need to fulfill, don’t go to your local Walmart and grab a product that’s been bought a million times over. Invest in your community by visiting your local merchant that specially tailored their product to fit your needs. You’ll quickly notice the difference.