Cool Book Illustrations

I love book illustrations, particularly ones from children’s books like Alice in Wonderland, Matilda, and Coraline. Continue reading

St. James Art Fair 2013 Part II

As promised, I have several awesome photos from this year’s art show at St. James Court. Continue reading

10 Absolutely Horrible Tattoos

From the creepy faces with toothy smiles, to the questionable verbiage in odd places – be prepared to laugh and feel their regret. Continue reading

Beautiful Body Art

Several of my friends and family members have one or more tattoos. I have always been intrigued by them but too afraid to commit to one for life. Continue reading

The Art of Nature

The following are photographs of Mother Nature’s canvas and splendid architectural design that illustrates how lovely everyday life really can be. Continue reading

Creative Food Art

I took some ideas from our Pinterest page for today’s post – and let me tell you – most of these look too good to eat. Continue reading

Top 10 Most Hipster Album Covers

Will Zooey Deschanel be our Twiggy? Or will her bangs alone live on in the “what were we thinking” bin? Continue reading

3D Chalk Art: Part 2

A few years ago we did an article about The Future of Graffiti. We featured several photographs of these amazing works of art that were popular at the time. The … Continue reading

The Painted Faces of Dia de los Muertos

Sometimes we forget the magic, and history behind holidays like Halloween, and the Mexican Dia de los Muertos. Continue reading

St. James Art Fair 2012

The beauty and character of St. James Court alone is enough to call our city’s patrons to this historical neighborhood. Continue reading