The Year of the Horse

According to the Chinese zodiac, we have left the year of the Snake and made our way into the year of the Horse. Continue reading

10 Things you Must Tell Yourself Today (Infographic)

I found this on Pinterest today and it lifted my spirit. I hope it will do the same for you. Continue reading

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

We’re about to ring in the New Year, which means resolutions are no doubt dancing in our heads. Here are a few tips to keep your resolution on track and make it happen this year. Continue reading

A Very Hipster Christmas

There is no doubt that you have a real life hipster somewhere in your family. Continue reading

A Tribute to the True Laborers of America

I vote this Labor day be the first in a long time where we actually pay our respects to our hard working Americans. Continue reading

What Your Summer Activities Say About You

It’s the hot and sweaty summer, but heat waves won’t get us down. Continue reading