Color Palettes

In these color palettes you’ll find four color strips. Each strip is a complete color collection that you can use to your liking; so have Painters of Louisville paint the colors you want to see on your walls and ceiling, and save the other colors for fabrics, furnishings, and accents.

Always test your house paint colors first and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Enjoy!

Living Room

These color collections appeal to the bashful and bold alike. For neutral rooms, start with the top color for the ceiling, then trim color and next, the walls. In the living to your right notice the dark Dorian Gray (SW 7017) for the wall color and the lighter Alabaster (SW 7008) for the ceiling. Consider the vibrant accent colors for an accent wall, NOT behind the television (where the mess generally resides) but behind the sofa to accent great artwork. For bolder schemes choose a strong color for the walls while looking to the softer tones for furnishings and window treatments.


With versatility a requirement, these collections include a white, a neutral, and a darker shade to mix and match between the walls, trim, ceilings, and cabinets. Bright colors can be used for islands, backsplashes, and accessories. To make your room feel more active rooms look to a vibrant color for the walls to create modern contrast with dark or light cabinets.


Gathered here are collections grouped in color schemes. Perhaps you prefer the strongest color for your walls with softer tones on the ceiling. Maybe you like a pale color for three walls with a vibrant accent color on the wall behind your headboard. Feel free to mix and match the colors in a group until the combination speaks to you. And don’t forget to consider all of the colors for fabrics, bedding, lighting and furniture. The overall look should relax you at night and refresh you in the morning. Try complimenting your wall color to bedroom furnishings like your dresser or bed frame. Notice the bedroom to your right compliments the blue bed frame to the Restoration Ivory (SW6413) wall color.


Designed to create space each collection identifies a color for the trim, one color for both walls and ceiling, and accent colors that can be incorporated into towels, soaps, and decorations. For powder rooms, work backwards loading the walls with the most dramatic colors to sparkle in candlelight when visitors stop by. Notice the bathroom to your right incorporates a Creamy (SW7012) wall color with a bathroom rug that uses Napery (SW6386) within the fabric.