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I have been collecting journals for as long as I can remember, my mom even has one of mine from early elementary school – most hilarious misspellings and ideas you will ever read. It became an easy gift for me, people in my family get them for me all the time, and I still go out and buy my own. The craziest part is that they all have something in them. I rarely write about personal day-to-day stuff, instead I have one particular theme for each: gardening, ideas for articles or books, decorating, yoga, personal finance, etc. I cut out magazine pics that inspire me, or press flowers that are beautiful or meaningful. I encourage you to use some of these ideas for yourself, or even your children. It helps develop a creative, organized mind. Have fun!

The Checklist Journal

These are great because you can categorize each list and even put things in order of importance, timing, expense, etc. That perfume in the latest vogue? Cut out a piece of the scented fold and tape it inside. Preferably the end with the price so you know what to save up for. This makes for a little reminder, and it’s a neat way to scent your journal.

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The Yoga Journal

My yoga journal is slowly filling up with routines for certain physical or emotional stresses I face, or that people in my life are facing. I also have info about chakras and some herbal remedies listed. Maybe you don’t do yoga. Your version could be any type of exercise, meditation, or health and nutrition.

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The Flower/Garden Journal

I eventually want to have my own healing garden to make herbal remedies. I log info about plants, how and when they grow, and what shouldn’t be grown together. I even have ┬áresearch about plants that keep certain bugs at bay.

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The Mystical Journal

This is one of my favs. Mine has numerology charts, horoscopes of important people in my life, and even palmistry. It’s fun to use when friends come over. You can also use this to record dreams and what you think their meanings are.

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The Idea Journal

Maybe you’re a writer and you want to record story ideas, a chef with recipes floating around in your head, or maybe a mother trying to incorporate more creativity or learning in your child’s life. Anything and everything counts. Sometimes the idea is conceived before its time and it needs to be saved for the right moment – this is a good way to not only remember the idea, but to also remember where you left it.

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The Quotes by Friends Journal

Myself and a group of friends keep a book of quotes. I carry it around in my bag so I always have it when we’re together. It’s funny to look back and see what silly or inspiring things we’ve said.

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The Kitchen Journal

This could be a way of planning meals for the week, grocery lists, and even new recipes you came up with all on your own. You can also cut out some of your favorites from magazines, or put in tips from notable chefs.

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The Healing Journal

These are good for when you need to just breathe and be totally introspective for a little while. I fill mine with soft images that relax me, quotes that remind me how beautiful life is, and maybe even tips I’ve learned along the way to get me through stressful or emotional times. It is a book about loving yourself – and sometimes only you know what you need to get through.

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It doesn’t stop here, these are just a few ideas. I’m sure there are several interests you have that could use their own physical space. Sometimes when we can get it out of our heads and onto paper it becomes that much more real and alive. I also carry around a digital recorder to record ideas quickly. Then I come home and transcribe the basic idea and add to it. It keeps my head straight and my creative juices flowing.

We’d love to hear some of your journal ideas or even see pics of pages you’re proud of. Feel free to share in comments or on our Facebook page!

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