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I’m not fancy enough yet to have a guest room, but I have a guest couch… which is also the main and only couch. However, I have stayed with family and friends who are that fancy, and I’m sure many of you out there have a guest room. As a guest, I am very grateful for any room and board, but I am impressed when I see thought put into my stay – it makes me feel important and think even more highly of my gracious host. Below are some simple decorating ideas to add a touch of awe for your guest.

A Book Before Bed

Books are beautiful and inviting, and a lot of people like to read a little before bed. It’s soothing and helps to quiet the mind from the chatter of the day. A mini-library theme for a guest room may help to create this and it gives your guest several options.

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Double the Fun

Using twin beds creates more space and is also great if you have kids staying.

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Clean and Coastal

Whether you live near the ocean or not, creating a space that is bright with clean lines, and that has a coastal feel makes the stay seem even more like a nice vacation.

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Making Space

You can make small spaces work really well for guest rooms. If you have a finished attic, or a neat bonus room, consider using the interesting architecture to your advantage.

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The Minimalist

I am not a big fan of a lot of plush and florals, keep it simple. The minimalist approach is very organized, and usually easier to keep clean. It’s also fun to play with accent colors without feeling like you’re overdoing it.

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