Different cultures inspire our lives in many several ways: from the way we communicate, dress, and behave to the food we consume and décor we find admirable. Each culture embraces a unique style that can be seen in every aspect of the individual within this place. This article draws its inspiration from four very different cultures in the world: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, and Australian.


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For decades, the use of vibrant hues found in Mexican culturally inspired architecture and art has been an unfailingly interesting place to use as inspiration for decorating styles. The most intriguing component of this culture is that it embraces differences. Elements that immediately come to mind when thinking of a Mexican home are bright colors, vivacious tiles, and the use of ceramics. The exterior of this house captures all of these qualities.


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The Italian culture embraces the landscape that surrounds their homes in such a magnitude that they decorate accordingly. The homes found in places like Venice and Tuscany nestle into their environment so well that they look like they’ve been there forever. The use of cantera stone and terra cotta roofing tile are elements that are often found in any Italian design inspired home. Homes in the United States that welcome this style can often be found in Texas, Arizona, California, and Nevada.


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Japanese homes draw their inspiration, in decorating the exteriors of their house, from their love of nature and the Western architectural notion of using steel and glass. These modern designs of architecture differ from the traditional Japanese designs because they no longer hinder light from coming into their home.


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The style of 20th century designed homes have begun to imitate previously designed Australian styles, they include: Tropical, Classical, Post Modern, and Late Modern styles. The modern designed homes attempt to capture the thought that everyone wants to live there. Their architectural layout and chosen color-scheme(s) provide relaxing and luxurious thoughts for their home owners.

Drawing examples from these four cultures proves that homeowner insight stems from different places. Each culture motivates its home owner to think differently and create a home that’s unique in color palate and design. One thing is certain regardless of the culture, each design has its own way of beautifully fitting into the ambiance of the present, while maintaining the allure of the past.