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If you feel like you live in a genie lamp or get claustrophobic in your own home, it may be time to redecorate. Smaller may not be better, but it is an opportunity to have fun and be creative. With these tips on how to open up your space, you will feel that you have made it your own and you will breathe easier.

Mirror, Mirror

It is no secret that mirrors make a space look larger. However, you do not have to go over the top here. One large mirror can actually do the trick depending on the dimensions of the wall. Another way you could do this, if you want to save money and have an easier time moving, is by arranging a cluster of small mirrors on the wall. By doing this, you can also take up as much or as little space as you want.

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On The Wall

When it comes to colors to use on your walls, it is very important to stick with lighter, rather than darker. If you have a window in the space, lighter colors will reflect natural light better, and will open up the room a bit more. Also, if you decide to use some kind of pattern on the wall, try to go for horizontal lines, this will help to stretch the room out. Try to steer clear of dark colors and vertical patterns, they can actually make the space feel smaller than it was originally.

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The Best Layout

Depending on what kind of space this is, you can get really creative with how you put everything together. It is best to find out the dimensions of the space, draw it out and place the furniture and other objects in the drawing. By mapping out your room beforehand you will be able to add, take away, and rearrange far more easily than if you try to do it within the room, it can be overwhelming. Using separators to break off parts of the room can be a fun way to section off the space. You can do this with room dividers or even curtains is a great way to add a little personal touch to the room.

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Furniture And All

There is a little more leeway when it comes to the furniture and fabrics. Using vertical designs here is fine although if you have gone with a horizontal design on the walls, it may not go together very well – so if you have, say no to the vertical designs all the way around. You can accent with darker colors here, though lighter colors are still a great idea, darker colors on the furniture can really enhance the room. Another thing to think about is how bulky the furniture is. You may be able to get away with the important furniture (couches, chairs, coffee tables, etc.) being bulkier and then accent objects being less bulky but with a Victorian appeal.

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