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For many of us a bedroom is a place to relax and call our own – for a teenager, it is a sanctuary. A teen’s bedroom tends to be a representation of their personality, a place where they store their lives, plan for the future, and get away from their everyday routine. Helping them set this personal space up with what really compliments their interests is a great way to spend quality time with them, and help them figure out who they are on some small scale. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

The Artist

If your teen has a bit of an artistic side whether it be painting, music, or possibly writing, make sure the atmosphere is conducive for them to explore this further. Consider buying them an easel, or a nice desk and comfy chair. It is also important that they have good lighting and more calming colors, as opposed to dark colors that can block the mind or cause one to feel crowded. Another great idea is using chalkboard paint for the walls – this will allow them to be creative with the space, or outline ideas for a project they want to take on.

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The Athlete

The athletic teen may not get to enjoy their room very often, they tend to lead busy, disciplined lives, and are usually outside of the house, so this room needs to be relaxing and encouraging. It can be taxing to constantly be expected to perform a certain way, so make this room a place where they can take their mind off of being so responsible, and fill it with other forms of entertainment, such as: video games, movies, and maybe even something different like an old popcorn machine. This teen needs a safe place to unwind and just be a kid, but make sure that their accomplishments are on display, it gives them a boost of energy, and a reminder of why they work so hard.

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The Girly-Girl

There is nothing wrong with being a girly-girl, and for mothers this can be especially fun. This teen often likes things that are more delicate, and they take a lot of pride in taking care of themselves and their possessions, so use this as a way of teaching them to carry this to other areas of their life. If your teen is crafty, create beautiful, eccentric pieces with them: turn an old bookshelf into a hutch of some sort, create a dressing room with curtains or cut fabric, make homemade necklaces and necklace hangers. Making beautiful things is far more rewarding than simply having them handed to you.

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The Minimalist

Minimalists don’t like distractions, they like clean lines, open spaces, and a clear path to wherever they need to go – you will probably never have to ask this teen to clean their room. The decorating scheme here is small focus pieces, and obvious accents. The walls should be light and basic: white, beige, or possibly a pale green or yellow. Also consider plants, they help to create a healthy, clean atmosphere, and your teen would be responsible for tending to them. Minimalists also tend to like tech gadgets, they like having the latest and greatest because they like for their things to be intuitive, and it keeps their world clean and organized. However, they may also like something a little more out of the box, like an old record player, or an antique of some sort – this helps bring focus to something that is important to them or that they find interesting.

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The Dreamer

Whether this is the dreamer looking to escape or the dreamer looking to change the world there is one key component here: these teens want to live extraordinary lives. First, try to figure out where their passion lies: is it a kind of wanderlust? Or is it a form of activism? Whatever it is, be supportive, and keep their passion all around them. This will help them to stay focused and form a plan rather than simply jumping because they’re tired of waiting. Find a poster of a map and tack the places they want to go, buy them travel books so they can learn about the culture, language, and cuisine, make a collage of strong people who did amazing things, and even changed the world. Help them to hone in on what they can do to contribute by keeping it in their mind.

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Your teen may fall into multiple categories, or even only have a little bit of one, the point is to really get to know who they are, so you can help them to figure it out more easily later. Interior design is a very personal thing that not only says a lot about the psychology of a person, but that can greatly effect mood, and even actions. So have fun with it, but also learn from it.