Art comes in many different forms. For the entertainment industry, art is second nature, whether it is translated through song, dance, acting, writing, orĀ painting – these are definitely what come to mind when we think of artistic expression. One such form is often overlooked, especially in the film and music world. The art of “cover art”.

What would a movie be without a poster to accompany it? What would your favorite album be like if it didn’t have the cover art to go along with it? Your favorite book? These are things we as consumers take for granted as we’ve just come to expect them. A ton of time and effort go in to creating and laying out these pieces for your viewing pleasure. Here are just a few movie and music posters that caught our eye!

1. CASABLANCA (film)

painters in Floyds Knobs

2. The Dark Knight (film)

painters in Clarksville

3. Beastie Boys (music)

painters in Georgetown

4. The Beatles (music)

painters in NULU

5. Michael Jackson (music)

painters in Phoenix Hill neighborhood

6. Pulp Fiction (film)

painters in Crescent Hill

7. Fight Club (film)

painters in Glenmary

8. Elvis Presley (music)

painters in Hikes Point

9. Beetlejuice (film)

painters in Taylorsville

10. The Big Lebowski (film)

painters in Shepherdsville

Of course these are just a few; there are tons more! Are there any you’d like to see added? Let us know!