New Ideas for Your All-American Cookout


Independence day is a time when the American people celebrate the good ole red, white and blue – so decorate accordingly, but don’t go overboard. Of course, two very popular fourth of July traditions are cooking out and fireworks, and luckily everyone is looking for something to do on this fun-filled summer day. So rather than having your average cookout, spice it up a little bit, and give your friends and family something to remember. (Image)

Go Beyond the Picnic Table

Just because your party is outside doesn’t mean your seating has to be shabby. Try adding a white cloth, a floral arrangement, and lighting. If you’re unable to hang white lights consider tiki torches, or tea lights for the table.


Decorative Fans

Most areas of the country are enjoying the nice hot sun on the fourth of July, so as your party favor have assorted decorative fans at each person’s place setting or at the end of the buffet.


Mason Jars

Mason jars are nostalgic and useful. To give your party more of a summer feel, and be a little greener: set a jar out for each guest to use throughout the duration of the party. You may even consider adding chalkboard paint to the front as a name-tag. Set out a few pieces of chalk and let your guests decorate their mason jar.


Food for Everyone

We know what a traditional cookout consists of, but these days we are so much more aware of food allergies, and many of us are taking advantage of more healthy options, so be aware of this. A good host always asks about food preferences either on the RSVP or personally. If you have a vegetarian in the bunch, don’t make that person eat pasta salad and beans, buy some veggie burgers. If a person doesn’t eat pork or red meat, make sure you have chicken breast or fish available, you may even consider chicken salad sandwiches.


Let Them Eat Cake

This is a fourth of July bash, so you’re going to have some kind of theme here, instead of doing the traditional white sheet cake decorated to look like a flag, consider using something other than red, white and blue icing, and try to make it more pleasing to the eye.


The Big Finale

Ah yes, the fireworks, the moment we have all been waiting for. Nine times out of ten, there is someone close to you who would love to help out with the fireworks – picking them, setting them off, and watching the magic. Be sure to get this person on board early on. Another great addition is sparklers – sparklers on the cake, sparklers while the big fireworks are going off, sparkler wars, just pure fun.



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