The Original Seven Wonders Of The World

There are many wonders of the world and the key word to remember here is: wonder. So many forms of art are very psychological – what was the artist feeling when he painted this? How do I feel when I look at it? Very rarely do we as onlookers question the mathematics or the science behind the masterpiece. The following seven wonders of the world come from one of the original lists by historian Herodotus and scholar Callimachus. The list has been updated over the years but let’s take a look into the past, the worlds we have never known, and the brilliance many of us will never fully understand.

Great Pyramid Of Giza

painters in Taylorsville


Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

painters in Shelbyville


Statue Of Zeus At Olympia

painters in Bardstown


Temple Of Artemis At Ephesus

painters in Hikes Point


Mausoleum Of Maussollos At Halicarnassus

painters in Fern Creek


Colossus Of Rhodes

Commercial painting in Kentucky


Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Commercial painting in Indiana


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