Too Cool for School: Awesome School Bus Art

painters in Mount Washington

In honor of the new school year we have put together some of our favorite, most creative school bus art. These are not graffiti-ridden buses, nor are they as clich√© as “Go Tigers” painted across a measly window – no, this is truly eye-catching, and worth while.

Farm Bus

painters in Floyds Knobs


Summer of 69

painters in Clarksville


The Dine and Dash

painters in Borden


American Visionary Express

painters in Bardstown KY


Old School

painters in NULU


Cool Bus

painters in Phoenix Hill neighborhood


Storm Drain Street Graffiti

Street art/graffiti is known for being appealing and bold. Gangs used to mark their territory with graffiti years back. Creative designers and artists across the globe use this form of art to deliver their message and showcase their work. According to artist 6emeia there is more than one way to look at a storm drain. He is most famous for making sewer drains, manhole covers and other urban street objects into funny faces.

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The Future of Graffiti: 3D Chalk Art

Avatar isn’t the only thing in 3D these days, 3D chalk art is the next big thing. It steals your attention and tricks your eye with its amazing perspectives, vibrant colors, and ideas so elaborate it will be hard to believe it’s not real. It has been said that this is the future of graffiti. The following are a few examples of these amazing works of art.

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