What is your Design Style?

Decorating your home can be a very daunting task when you don’t have a clue as to what you want your home to say about you. Are you artsy? a sophisticate? country classic? Sometimes you may feel that you are a little bit of everything and you just don’t know what to choose. Before we get down to the specific styles and their descriptions, it is good to know that you do not have to decorate your entire house in one style. While you want to be consistent, it is ok to do something different in certain rooms, sometimes you can even mix styles. So what is your design style, and what goes well together?


This is the most common style used by homeowners and decorators. It is usually the easiest to find, which also means it tends to be more economical while still looking tasteful. Traditional styles have a contemporary body with more victorian lines, this means it is clean but the lines and accents usually have a curve to them. Traditional is usually the easiest to play with and accent because it is a balance of these two styles. If you want a more neutral style as your base so you can lightly accent with a few others, this may be the style for you. Also, you may like this because you can make it clean and sophisticated without going too modern.

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Modern and Contemporary

Modern and contemporary are sometimes used interchangeably and others believe they are completely different. A good way to know the difference is if you think of the lines – contemporary styles tend to have sharp but clean lines, very boxy – modern styles are more rounded, you could even say invisible lines or spherical. It is hard to mix too heavily with these styles because they are extremely eye catching in their simplicity. Both can be accented by victorian if it is done with ease, and when done right, it will look very chic.

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Country Classic

This style is usually very concentrated and most popularly done in the kitchen. It is really traditional with a country flair and sometimes victorian undertones, especially when decorating in the french country style. This means the best way to decorate country classic is to use it more as the accent because it can be overwhelming and appear cluttered if done too heavily. Colors are very important here. When you are choosing colors to go with your style try doing it by picturing a scene in your head, for instance: when I think of the beach, I think of pale blues, whites, some yellow this probably equals water, sand, and sun – maybe these are the colors I would use for a beach house. When I think country classic, I picture a farm scene: red, yellow, white, maybe orange. Country classic is also heavier on exposed wood and wicker.

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Country Classic with Traditional Base


This style is the opposite of modern, lines are usually curved and not clean. Victorian style tends to have a lot of character and appears to be more expensive, fortunately, that is not always the case. This style also uses a lot of wood, though it is usually dark woods that are smooth and polished. One of the most prominent differences in victorian style is the detailing, from the walls, to the floor, to the furniture – the lure of this style lies in the intricate work that was put into it.

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How Can I Paint The Exterior Of My House In Winter?

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Winter Painting Tips:

Painting the exterior of a home in the winter time is difficult when the snow is falling and the temperature outside is below freezing. There are some new paints that can be applied at lower temperatures.  These paints allow painters to extend the painting season. Oil-based exterior paints can also be used in winter temperatures, but will take a long time to dry if it doesn’t warm up.

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