Here are some testimonials from our customers:

“They got in and out in a hurry and did a pretty good job.”
Mrs. F

“The franchise owner and the painting crew were great.  Keep doing what you did for me.”
Rick D.

“The guy spent a lot of time with me showing me references. His price was really good. He showed me his book and in it he had his certificates of insurance and I didn’t even have to ask to see it. His workman were good and polite. They were the hardest working most skillful people. They were really good guys. The franchise owner supervised. He would talk to me and manage his workers. It was great service. When he first came to me after I had contacted him, I said it’s the future of painting. He made it all work for the price. It was amazing.”
Allan & Elise A.

“Well, the way they went about their work, the attention to detail, and the end result. Do the same thing.”
Thomas B.

“They were very good, courteous and did a great job. They didn’t play around. They got here Thursday afternoon and power washed it and came back Friday morning and Monday. They did a great job and we love it. Jeff Mcgrew, Ed Robinson just as nice as they could be. When my wife asked them to do something they were fantastic and I would have them back. I recommend them. If all the employees are like that they have nothing to worry about. What they are doing right now I don’t see any changes. I think about painting the inside and I will have them back.”
Robert and Betty C.

“They were very professional, they did a great job, they were timely, I can’t say enough, we’re going to have them back next year to do the rest of the house. When they go to my friend’s house do the work as well as they did here. And the price was very reasonable.”
Joyce and Jim C.

“The painters. Lee he was very good and explained everything and answered all the questions I asked. Just talk to the people who are getting their house painted.”
Margaret D.

“Well they did a really good job, they were pleasant to work with, the job got done when they said it was going to get done. Keep doing what they’re doing.”
Dolita D.

“Lee was very professional and was continually in contact to make sure all went well. Kevin (the lead painter) was very friendly and explained everything they would do, and did it. Friendly, good quality work, cleaned up well.”
Charles G.

“The painters weren’t pushing to get the job done. When it rained they waited for another day, they were interested in doing a quality job. No rushing. Communicated very well, if they weren’t going to be there they called to let them no and vice versa. Continue great communication.”
Robert G.

“They were pleasant, neat, they did an excellent job, did everything I needed done and I couldn’t have been happier. Just what they are doing now, their crew is pleasant, neat and very careful. I would have them come anytime I need painting done I was pleased with everything they did.”

“The professionalism. Do the same things you are doing now.”
Mary H.

“The owner was very nice and very accommodating as were the painters. No I mean everything you did was fine.”
Laura J.

“The quality of work and the professionalism. Continue the process that you all have in place.”
Lance K.

“They were fast and they left everything clean. If you do a good job your never have to look for work.”
Paula M.

“Competent, friendly painters willing to go the extra mile. A company willing to let us pay for the job over a year without penalty or interest. A winning combination.”
Warren and Julie P.

“The painter himself, was very meticulous and easy to work with, and he took care of our needs really well.”
Carolyn P.

“I thought it was a very professional engagement and nicely handled. They were timely, neat and just very satisfied. I just thought he just did a great job. Very prompt in returning phone calls and kept me abreast of whats going on and is doing a job running the place.”
John R.

“They just did a quality job. They showed up on time and they were neat and there were no problems.”
Martha S.

“Everything was done very thoroughly, the crew was on time, neat, courteous. Keep up the great customer service.”
E.J. S

“Your team was very professional and customer oriented. You kept me updated on the status at every stage and answered all my questions. Quality work with professionalism! Excellent planning and execution by the team!!!”
Kulathu S.

“Quick,efficient,clean and professional. I am moving to Atlanta and will surely be using another CertaPro comp for my painting needs because of the positive experience here in Louisville with Lee Sapata’s team of pros. Just cleaniliness, speed, and they did a good job. Everything they did, cleanliness, quick, well done good work.”
Sean W.

“When it wasn’t quite what we expected they came back and redid some things and made it right. I appreciated how they followed up with what really was a misunderstanding they went out of their way to make it right. Concentrate on customer satisfaction and service which they seem to be doing it quite well.”
Jane W.

“Lee…  Please forgive me for not acknowledging the bottle of wine I found at my backdoor before Christmas!  It has been a hectic six weeks what with the Nutcracker and all the activities, and then the executive director leaving unexpectedly.  I miss him greatly… he was wonderful to work with and so appreciative.  But back to the wine… many thanks and such a nice surprise.  I do appreciate your thinking of us and hope all is going well with Certapro.  I have received many compliments on the house painting.  You all did a great job!  Again, thanks for all…”
Carol Thompson

Thank you for the bottle of wine.  We were just remarking the other day as we drove up the street how nice the roof looked and what a good job you had done for us.  Thanks.
Ernie Williams