A while back I came across Sound Drawings, which were drawings that basically created music or voices depending on certain strokes you made. As I dug deeper I found drawings that were done based on the pitch and volume of an instrument or voice. One in particular was very clever, it was a Sound and Vison Concert done back in February. The artists are: violinist, Emily Stewart and singer, Mira Lu Kovacs. You will see as the two girls reach different volumes and pitches with their instruments. It causes by a harmonious-sensitive-line-based-brush (digital ribbon brush) to form an abstract painting. There are three pieces performed: Against Each Other, Rotation, and Together.

Sound Drawings – Sound & Vision Concert IV from der hess on Vimeo.


These are the abstracts that were formed by the instruments:

Drawing Part 1

painters in Glenmary

Drawing Part 2

painters in Jeffersontown

Drawing Part 3

painters in Shpherdsville



We are always looking for new art forms and exciting new ways of using technology. If you are a musician or an artist, or just someone with a great appreciation for the arts: what do you think of about this art form? And do you know of any others?