Social media has changed the world as we know it. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, among many others, have changed the way we communicate on a global scale and it seems like a new social network is popping up every day. One such new social network is Pinterest, a pin-board style social photo sharing site. The service offers users the ability to manage theme-based image collections. Images that users find of interest can be pinned and shared to other users.

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Time Magazine named Pinterest in its “50 Best Websites of 2011” column back in August 2011. The power of Pinterest, compared to other social networking sites, is that it shows the capacity of communication through pictures. After all, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. Right?

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While some social media sites take a while to catch on, the same is not so for Pinterest. Pinterest launched in March 2010 and quickly became the new craze of the internet. Women were particularly drawn to the site, with over 97% of the membership base being female; however, more males are beginning to succumb to its draw as well. As of today, Pinterest is valued at over $500 million with an estimated 17.8 million registered members. Talk about blowing up!

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Got an idea for a wedding theme but aren’t quite sure how to describe it to your wedding planner? Look no further! Compile a collection of pictures that show your idea and share your pin-board. Without a doubt the planner will get the idea right away. Looking for something new to cook for dinner? Find a recipe themed board and turn your kitchen into a 5 star restaurant. The possibilities are endless and it seems people are realizing the power Pinterest holds at a rapid pace.

Without argument social networking is here to stay. With Pinterest being one of the biggest things to happen to the internet and social sites being all the rave lately, the question becomes; what’s next?